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Special Logistics, LLC.

Developing Custom Distribution Solutions for You

Our Mission
Through the creation of distribution strategies unique to our clients, we seek out the optimum means to deliver best-in-class service, becoming more than an integral element of your supply chain company, but a part of a strengthened alliance.

We, the Special Logistics team pride ourselves on our capability to provide tailored services to solve any logistics needs efficiently and cost-effectively while building long-term relationships that reinforces our company and yours as well.

The key leaders of Special Logistics structure our processes on three fundamental elements: flexibility, dependability and accountability. Flexibility enables us to be where you need us, and to engineer supply chain strategies specific to your business operations that will enhance your company. Dependability of our team ensures a thorough performance from start to finish and your peace of mind. Accountability means we handle each project we’re given, no matter how simple or complex, with professionalism and attention to detail in order to guarantee successful completion.

Special Logistics aims to cultivate an environment that promotes open communication and integrity, while fostering leadership and teamwork. Through establishing strong relationships within our company, we are able to care for our primary asset, you.

Our History & Expansion
Special Logistics was founded in Houston, Texas in 1980. The company began developing custom distribution solutions and providing on-demand delivery services, with emphasis in the retail and industrial supply industries. The Special Logistics family has since grown to produce leaders in the supply chain management services and practices that facilitate productivity within the companies we work with.

Our facilities have grown with locations all over the U.S. and we’ll travel anywhere you need us.

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