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Dedicated Logistics

Special Logistics leads the way in freight delivery, providing fully uniformed, dependable transportation services. We dedicate our internal resources to perform logistical operations for your company. You are provided a specialized team which means you continually have workers familiar with your particular job to better manage your freight.  With dedicated logistics as the core of our business, we ensure your shipments arrive promptly and safely to the proper destination so you can focus on the core of yours.  

We take into account your shipment size, frequency, destinations and urgency to offer you the best, hassle-free experience. Our GPS enabled dispatch system provides the most efficient driver routing.  Special Logistics also offers a tracking system, proof of delivery and account-specific reporting, allowing real-time monitoring and management of your delivery information.

Flexibility combined with customized, technologically advanced delivery solutions and first-class customer service is what makes Special Logistics your most dependable source for freight transportation.


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