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Line Haul

Special Logistics will transport your freight for high-mileage operations.  As your source for Line Haul, we will expedite your shipment while reducing your transit time, thus reducing the trucking costs of long distance travel. We provide a full service using our fleet of trailers, tractors and trucks in conjunction with our extensive network of line haul truck drivers, with reduced handling and the option of warehouse to port or port to warehouse. 

Satisfying you is our top priority. Therefore we design capacity-focused solutions to perform the most cost-effective service while delivering a first-class experience.

Our facilities are strategically located in major cities around the U.S., allowing you extended service locations in areas you may not maintain local operations. We maintain good supplier relationships and excellent data quality, as they are critical elements of a successful supply chain. 

Whether you need us as your dedicated Line Haul provider or as a fill-in for one of your drivers, you can rely on Special Logistics to fully accommodate your needs.

Maintain visibility of your shipment using our web tracking system.

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