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The Special Logistics team provides strategic flow-through warehousing and route planning to maximize distribution and increase efficiency in your supply-chain.  We engineered our solutions to meet your requirements, providing your business with maximum flexibility and agility in responding to changing market demands.

Working Together Makes It Simpler

We partner with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses, to turn logistics issue into success stories by providing world class service with a personal touch, effectively reducing cost and increasing performance.

By teaming with us, you employ a group who specializes in distribution, and knows the most efficient mean of delivery, alleviating the stress and increased expense of managing the necessary distribution operations yourself.

Special Logistics is your optimum choice to fulfill your distribution requirements. Solutions we offer include:

  • Strategic flow-through warehouse planning within dedicated or shared warehouse facilities, customized to your specific requirements and designed to maximize your distribution functions
  • Flexibility to expand operations around the country in the right location for your company.
  • Leverage large coverage areas - 300 mile delivery radius at all locations with dedicated route and relay drivers 
  • Reduced claims and inventory shrinkage due to focused loss prevention strategies such as employee background checks, drug screening, driver audits, stringent physical security procedures, barcode scanning during loading and at point of delivery
  • Inbound and outbound barcode scanning to ensure shipment accuracy and integrity
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and web-based capabilities for rapid information transfer and shipment information such as OS&D (Over, Short & Damaged)cargo, trailer arrival and Proof of Delivery information.        
  • Specialized store-site services such as window delivery times and point of delivery barcode scanning for receipt and quick processing of shipments into inventory or to the shelf.
  • Secure on or offsite warehousing to eliminate additional costs to your business such as facilities investment, labor and management.


Anywhere You Need Us To Be

Our pool point distribution centers are conveniently located around this nation to better serve you.  Contact one of our locations for more information.  


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